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Separating the Best from the Rest – How Cannabis Becomes Top Shelf
From seed to harvest, there are a few best practices when growing cannabis to its highest degree. Over time, growers have fine-tuned environments, nutrients, curing, packaging and testing to deliver top shelf bud to now legal consumers. Far more potent than the underground marijuana of the past.
So, what makes certain weed better than the rest?
Shatter, crumble & wax, oh my…What’s the difference?

Cannabis concentrates like shatter, crumble, and wax are on the rise in popularity. And, for good reason. Their final end product not only boosts potency, but flavor and convenience too. So, what exactly are concentrates and what’s the true difference behind the particular products? Let’s start with how the extracts are processed from the plants, for your purest pot pleasure. 

What’s in a test? What goes into testing Cannabis and why you should care
As high pressured as sitting down for any exam, are the tests that go into revealing cannabis content. Long awaited results from grower’s studies, time and efforts, with fingers crossed for A+ results. 
But what goes into Cannabis testing and how does one achieve a passing or perfect score? And why should you care when lighting up?
It’s Harvest Season – What goes into a cannabis harvest?
It’s the season of harvest…and Fall brings more than just pumpkin spice and hauls at apple orchards. ‘Croptober’ as culturally termed has arrived for cannabis crops across the nation. 
But as a daily or occasional cannabis consumer…do you really know the work behind the scenes to get your NUGS on the shelf?
Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate…What’s What?

In the modern era of marijuana, it seems you hear about a new term or trend on the daily. And full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate products are no different. With the surge of CBD products, the classifications can make a big difference. Even in dabs or extract products, too. So what’s what, between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate? Here’s your basic guide to help you define their differences.

Best dabbing practices – rigs, accessories, cleaning & temperatures

Cannabis concentrates can be intimidating as is…from product types to consistencies, varied packaging and more, you’re no longer in the old-age world of weed. But, add in a torch with a peculiar looking rig and complications can arise for even the most veteran of smokers. As ‘dabbing’ takes over the marijuana movement with its’ modern-day water bong effects, those seeking to elevate their highs are ripping dabs more than ever. So, how can you reap the benefits of cannabis concentrates, with one quick yet potent hit of a dab rig?

More about CBD & THC : Find your perfect balance ratio

When purchasing a pot product nowadays, it’s a lot more complex than dealing for dimebags from your best connect. With advancements in testing, fine-tuning of strains, and labeled information – it can ‘cause canna-complications or confusion. Unless of course, you know what you’re looking for, and how to decipher packaged ratios & percentages. If that’s not the case then you’re in the right place. Here we’ll enter the world of CBD and THC ratios, and discover how to find the perfect balance.