Sour Diesel Strain Review (IMG 0)

Sour Diesel Strain Review

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Strain: Sour Diesel, Sativa: 80/20

Grower: Deep Roots Harvest

Dispensary: Essence Vegas

Appears: 4        Euphoria: Med        
Aroma: 4        Relaxed: Low        
‪‎Taste: 2        Uplifted: High
‪‎        Potency: 3.5        Creative: Med
‪‎        Effect: 4.5        Happiness: Med        
Duration: 3.5        Munchies: None
        Price: 4.5        Dry Eyes: Low
        Dry Mouth: Low        Anxiousness: None        Overall: 26/35 


THC – 17.42%

CBD – 0.03%

B-Caryophyllene: – 2.15 mg/g

Limonene –  1.9 mg/g

Appearance – I have never heard of Sour Diesel being purple. This would probably get a 4.5 on appearance if the purple was not present. With that said, the appearance is... Read entire Sour Diesel Strain Review HERE