Hanging and Drying Marijuana (IMG 0)

Hanging and Drying Marijuana (IMG 0)

How to Dry Marijuana

Getting the Best Flavor:

With over 100 different flavorful terpenes and flavonoids, cannabis is one of the most diverse plants in terms of taste and smell. Whether you enjoy the sweetness of Bubblegum or the acidic bite of Sour Diesel, the complex flavors of different strains are dependent on these delicate molecules. Improper drying and curing damages the terpenes, resulting in bland weed that smells like hay.

There are three basic tricks to preserving the terpenes in your buds:

  • Dry Slowly – Fast drying gets you smokeable bud quickly, but it results in light weight, bland buds. Dry slowly to preserve flavor, weight and smell.
  • Provide Good Air Circulation – this prevents the growth of mold and fungus, which can not only damage the flavor but ruin the entire bud
  • Cure for 2-4 weeks – Careful curing brings out the terpenes and makes for extra tasty buds.