Get Weed Delivered Safely to Your Door with (IMG 1)

Get Weed Delivered Safely to Your Door with (IMG 1) is the number-one weed delivery website in the Canada. Its online store features high quality marijuana flower, hash, and THC extracts with reviews and genetics that guarantee its potency. founder Ronald McChronald (whether or not that’s his real name, who’s to say?) offers the dankest of buds, grown specially with High Intensity Lighting, added UVB, and a CO2 Injection. This lethal combination ensures the weed delivered to your door is covered in crystals, topped with trichromes, and the best possible product overall.

While other online cannabis delivery sites may claim high quality, has the reviews and the fanfare to back it up. In fact, it’s the only online delivery company in Canada that High Times itself has officially endorsed. Also, all products come with McChronald’s proven guarantee, ensuring the weed that arrives on your doorstep is better than any schwag you could find on the street.