Does Weed Make You a Happier Couple? (IMG 2)

Does Weed Make You a Happier Couple? (IMG 2)

Let's not concentrate on smoking as a value itself; it will be too far – fetched to discuss it in or topic. Our main aim is to find out whether people with the same attitude coexist peacefully (well, we're sure they are). Let's not forget about good old facts:

·       Weed is soothing. In most cases marijuana affects our psychic positively, so the reason to be pissed off, angry or aggressive simply disappears. When you feel like you've gone to the extreme point, nothing can help like good old ganja. Couples who smoke weed are less likely to fight over nothing; trees have the same effect as sex.

·       Weed smokers are actually more educated. Studies have proved that people who hit the bong are not lazy, nor are they stupid or dropouts.  20% of skunk lovers actually have a PhD, they successfully graduated from the university compared to 12% of those who have never tried weed. These are just straight facts. Every time you want to front and come for such a person with accusations, think twice, because they are diligent people!

·       Smokers often share the same ideology. If both lovers come home for that 5 o'clock weed, they are likely to support a culture, usually and mostly in America. And sharing the same ideology lessens topics that can be a quarrel starter! If both of you are cool with religion, political preferences and an outlook as a whole, well, then you are quite a happy couple.

·       Weed smokers have good sex. And sex is the source of mutual trust, physical attraction and the peak of your emotional detoxication. Sad and worried couples are making excuses due to hard work, sleep deprivation and overall stressful environment. Smoking couples even sleep better!