Arizona Court Throws out Ridiculous DUI Law (IMG 1)

Arizona Court Throws out Ridiculous DUI Law  (IMG 1)

Seems like ever since the turn of the new year, the "hot-button" issue for lawmakers has been trying to create some sort of uniform cannabis DUI legislation. The problem is each state has its own idea of what constitutes "being under the influence" when it comes to cannabis intake.

Lately I've been hearing a lot about "zero tolerance" laws, which basicly means any trace of THC in your system is enough to land you in jail, not to mention some hefty fines. For heavy daily smokers such as myself, THC could remain in my system for 30-45 days. Imagine that getting a DUI 4-5 weeks after tokin' up.

Fortunately for us, this ridiculousness, that is the zero tolerance law, has been addressed and thrown out by the Arizona Supreme Court. Hopefully other states are taking notice of this landmark ruling. California, I'm lookin at you.


"Arizonans no longer risk getting a DUI for driving with an inactive metabolite of marijuana in their blood following a ruling by the state's high court.

The Arizona Supreme Court announced this morning that it was reaffirming the trial court's decision to dump the case of Hrach Shilgevorkyan, who was prosecuted for driving while impaired after a blood test revealed the presence of marijuana."


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