10 Things Stoners Are Thankful For (IMG 9)

10 Things Stoners Are Thankful For (IMG 9)

3. Snow

No stoner has known true joy until they've snowboarded or skiied high. With the wind in your face and nothing but powder in front of you, riding is one of the best (if not the best) activities to do stoned. With all the new vape pens out there, taking a smoke break in the trees or on the lift has never been easier or more enjoyable.

If boarding's not your thing, don't think you're excused from this one. Sledding high is wildly fun, and you'd be surprised how extreme a simple snowball fight can become when all parties are determined, paranoid, and stoned.

So let's give thanks to the snow gods, the makers of vape pens, and the mountains in general for all the fun smoke and snow have to offer.