10 Things Stoners Are Thankful For (IMG 1)

10 Things Stoners Are Thankful For (IMG 1)

4. Costco Samples

Is there anything better than the soft echo of your footsteps on concrete, the high ceilings stocked with every munchie you can dream of, and the sweet face of a cherubic middle-aged woman in a chef's hat asking if you'd like to try her ravioli?

Getting high and navigating the aisles of that mythical fortress in search of samples is one of the best adventures ever. With each bite tasting slightly better than the last, Costco samples are the perfect free lunch for the stoner with all the time in the world. 

Don't get too sad when they turn you away for thirds--a Costco hot dog for $1.50 is the cherry on your stoner sundae.